cross platform learning and mobile learning

Totara Learn offers a fully responsive default design providing users access to their learning via PC, laptop, tablet or mobile.

When viewed across different devices, Totara Learn adapts the page layout and navigation options to provide a tailored user experience across each technology. The Totara Mobile app takes this one step further with a dedicated interface for mobile devices. Learners can quickly and securely access their courses, programs and certifications, complete activities and track their progress. To ensure only learning content and activities that suit the needs of your mobile learners are delivered through the app, courses created on your Totara Learn site may be marked as being mobile compatible.

Mobile LMS


In today’s demanding and fast-paced world, individuals rarely get the chance to regularly schedule dedicated learning time. Instead, many individuals engage in ‘just-in-time’ or ‘I have the time’ learning activities. The native Totara Mobile app provides your learners quick and simple access to a personalized learning portal, so they can connect with their learning and development whenever, wherever they like. 

Whether you have learners based on the shopfloor or on busy hospital wards, staff working in low or no-connectivity locations or team members traveling between work appointments, the Totara Mobile app offers access to learning on or offline. The app includes a custom-built offline player for SCORM activities, allowing learners to download e-learning while they’re connected, complete while they’re offline and easily submit their responses and results once they’re online again.

Users can also opt to receive personalized notifications directly to their mobile devices. The mobile notification system is used to help maintain learning momentum, to re-engage learners and to alert managers of actions and tasks requiring their attention.

mobile learning with lms



The Totara Mobile app is developed by Totara for Totara users. Our native app is available for both Android and iOS devices and offers a number of authentication options, including support for both single sign-on and manual login users. Your app login screen can be customized and branded to match your Totara Learn site so learners are offered a familiar and intuitive user experience.



Whether you’re delivering training to internal or external learners, the Totara Mobile app provides users with permission-controlled access to relevant and bite-sized learning in a mobile-optimized format.


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