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Add personalised gamification with Motrain for Totara Learn

Motrain is the corporate training LMS gamification platform from Mootivation Technologies, designed to improve course completion rates, foster mastery, and help learners develop a stronger personal connection to their organization.

Motrain coins in Totara Learn

Gamify your training, engage your learners

Motivation and engagement are critical to reaching a goal. Training teams often find these components elusive – keeping the interest and attention of learners can be a struggle.

Motrain tackles this challenge by allowing employees to earn virtual coins for completing activities and courses. These coins can then be used to buy anything they desire in the Store you set up, or to participate in a raffle or auction for even more valuable prizes.

These rewards could include additional time off, first choice in holiday scheduling, lunch at the local bistro, yoga sessions, charity donations, conference registration… or whatever else you feel will motivate your learners!

Motrain store


Our multi-tenancy allows you to offer multiple Stores within your organization and customize activity and course completion coin values as you see fit. Even reach outside your training program and engage employees with virtual coins for whatever reason you wish.

Using the conditional release feature in Totara, you can nudge your learners towards mastery by offering additional learning opportunities for additional coins. 

Motrain Integration for Totara Learn

Motrain is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis from select Totara Partners and via the Motrain website where you can also access a free demo.

The Motrain extension is compatible with Totara Learn versions 9 and above.

Engage your learners with personalised gamification

Learn how you can increase course completion, mastery and retention of your employees with a free trial