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Authoring Tool

Powerful, cloud-based authoring for Totara Learn is a powerful, mobile-first authoring tool that allows you to create SCORM content which feeds directly into Totara, without the need to export and upload the SCORM files. features

Powerful, cloud-based authoring allows you to create mobile-first, interactive content which feeds directly into Totara via a live stream.  Simply select your project from the activity list in Totara. The feed is live, so any changes made in are reflected instantly in the activity in Totara. brings the editing power of traditional desktop authoring tools into the modern,cloud-based, world. You can create your own dynamic interactions within for truly engaging eLearning experiences. interactions

Create dynamic content

Learning doesn’t have to be a linear journey. With you can craft personalised learning journeys designed to support and engage your learners.

Allow students to work their way through your course, carving their own path and unlocking hidden content. Assess your learners’ progression by setting essential tasks which require completion before they can move ahead. completion options

Mobile-friendly design and delivery

All eLearning content built within is automatically mobile-friendly, so whatever device your learner is accessing Totara on, your content will still look great. works on a grid layout, so your content automatically stacks on a mobile device. You even switch to mobile-view as you edit so you can build your course in mobile view. mobile-view editor

Team friendly

Built with teams in mind, allows you to allocate ‘seats’ to other members of your organisation and give them different roles and permissions.

Teams can share projects, resources, and themes. This can save time when it comes to collaborating and gaining approval from stakeholders, knowing everyone can access the most up to date version in one place. team friendly authoring tool

Create customised themes also allows you to create and save customised themes, perfect for multi-tenancy platforms which require different branding for different customers. These themes can be shared with others in your organisation, which means you can achieve brand consistency every time, and avoid duplicating work across the team.

If you need to change the branding of a course, simply edit the theme and your course will be automatically updated, including live activities within Totara. theming integration for Totara Learn

The extension is compatible with Totara Learn versions 11 and above (plus version 10 running PHP 7.1 or later).   Getting started* details can be found on the help centre. is available as a monthly subscription, starting at £20.83/month*. 

Create and feed content direct to your Totara LMS

Find out more at and get started today with a free trial

* is created and maintained by BuildEmpire, although set up instructions are available for any other Totara Partners who wish to install the extension for their customers.