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Totara Cloud

Enjoy the freedom, simplicity and low cost of open SaaS

What is Totara Cloud?

Totara Cloud is great for small-to-medium-sized organisations who want a powerful, yet simple out-of-the-box learning platform. It is ideal for those without a dedicated learning and development team as it is quick to get up and running and easy to maintain. Totara Cloud is a flexible foundation for companies that plan to grow and will then benefit from the full functionality of our  enterprise editions. You will be in very good company as Totara is used by some of the biggest enterprises on the planet.

What is open SaaS?

Open Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) includes all the benefits of software-as-a-service – nothing to install, very quick to get up and running, low cost - plus you stay in full control of your IT future. Open SaaS uses open source software, significantly reducing your business risk by avoiding any lock-in to proprietary technology.

If your needs change we can migrate your platform to wherever you want to take it, whether that be to another hosting partner or on-premise. At any time you can decide to upgrade to our enterprise editions, extend the available functionality with tried and tested plugins, customise with your own specific features, or integrate with other systems.

Enjoy the freedom of open source with all the convenience of a SaaS solution. Wow!


We believe flexibility is a critical business driver in this fast-changing world. So manage your risk and avoid vendor lock-in with open SaaS terms as short as three months. Embrace the freedom to take your learning platform with you, where and when it suits you. You decide. That's the power of open SaaS.


Want a fast turnkey solution? Want to run a pilot before making a larger investment? We can get you started, hassle-free, no fuss, quick as you want.


With Totara Cloud you get all of the essential features of a world-class learning platform:

  • Create courses and upload any kind of content

  • Preview and buy courses seamlessly from our online marketplace

  • Manage face-to-face training events, webinars and e-learning

  • Create tests and assessments

  • Track activity and completion with powerful reporting

  • Create individual and team learning plans

  • Manage multiple languages


Totara Cloud is designed to grow and scale with your business. If you want to support larger user audiences, to customise or extend, we can switch your deployment to a Totara Partner or your own web hosting team. You choose what suits you best. You can switch on more features at any time.


You want to add flexibility, not complexity and cost. Compare our features, compare our prices, compare the freedom. Enjoy the benefits of a world-class, supported learning platform for truly remarkable value.


We keep Totara Cloud updated to the most recent version. Your data is secure and you don’t have to worry about backups and recovery – we take care of that, so you are free to focus on your business and your people. Any concerns or questions, our online team of experts are ready to respond 24 hours a day, every business day.


Access training in the Totara Academy. Ask questions and share expertise. Suggest features. You’re part of an open source community shaping the future of learning technology and delivery. 



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Plans and prices

Totara Cloud Plan Cloud 200 Cloud 500 Cloud 1000 Cloud 2000
Number of active users 200 500 1000 2000
Online support helpdesk
New versions and free upgrades
Daily backups
High availability (99.5% uptime)
Priority 24x7 monitoring and dedicated load balancing
Theme and colour selection with logo upload options
Easy upload and importing of user and HR data
Access to the Totara Community and Academy training
Price per year $4,500 $6,900 $10,500 $14,100

*prices shown are in US Dollars