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The Adaptive Learning Management System (LMS) For Transformational Learning

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Upskill your workforce on your terms

Is your learning management software holding you back? Is your team spending too much time trying to find workarounds rather than delivering strategic value to your organization?

Replace the inflexibility of the traditional LMS with Totara's transformational, open learning platform trusted by over 19 million users worldwide, available in over 35 languages.

Totara’s enterprise learning management system (LMS) provides a solution that adapts to the unique needs of your business.

Totara provides an enterprise learning management system that empowers you to:

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    Quickly scale up your learning programs and reach learners whenever and wherever needed.

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    Upskill and engage your people with powerful blended learning and collaboration.

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    Align and integrate your technology to suit your strategy and create the innovations you need.

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Protect your organization with robust compliance management

Ensure compliance with programs and pathways to improve safety and reduce business risks.

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Engage your employees with in-person, e-learning and blended learning

Support offline and online learning events and centrally curated blended learning.

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Support multiple groups in complex organizations

Cater to multiple groups, partners and customers from a single instance of your LMS.

A learning suite with intuitive tools for transformational corporate training

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    Support multiple groups and organizations with multi-tenancy

    Cater to multiple groups or customers from a single instance of your GDPR compliant, open-source LMS combining a streamlined admin experience with distinctly branded and isolated user environments.

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    Build comprehensive custom reports

    Pinpoint LMS reporting & data that matters to you to increase compliance, track learner performance, and send automatic email notifications to relevant stakeholders to keep everyone in the loop.

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    Target learners outside your organization

    Extended enterprise LMS delivery allows you to target external groups, such as customers, partners, contingent workers or the general public to expand audiences and boost the reach of your training.

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    Deliver blended and collaborative learning on the go

    Totara’s customizable LMS and mobile learning app allow employees to stay on top of their current learning wherever they are for improved completion rates and more convenient training.

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    Beautifully branded learning

    Custom theming, LMS gamification, design and navigation give employees a seamless, instantly recognizable and engaging user experience across your corporate learning platform.

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    Right people, right learning, right time

    LMS admin-friendly course management gives you maximum flexibility over the course setup process, allowing you to target learners with relevant content, just in time.

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    Prove compliance and course completion

    Assessments and certifications prove the timely completion of LMS-based compliance training, and automatically remind learners to get certified.

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    Easy access to learning

    Single sign-on supports easy access to learning with users’ Microsoft, Google or Facebook credentials, helping to boost login and engagement rates, enhance blended or social learning and lower barriers to learning.

Your all-in-one productivity suite, just a few clicks away

Supercharge your learning management system with employee engagement and performance management in Totara’s Talent Experience Platform. Explore the full platform to discover how you can build a better workplace, increase resilience and prosper in today’s fast-changing world.

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Schedule your personalized demo

Meet with our team to discover why organizations like Indeed, JetBlue and Samsung choose Totara Learn.

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    Have full control of your own LMS

    Enable your employees to learn new skills, keep up with compliance regulations and respond to the challenges of tomorrow.

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    Develop a culture of learning

    The pressure on employees to learn, unlearn and be agile in today's market is immense. In this ebook, you will discover the key skills learning professionals should be gaining right now and ten ways to transform the impact of your learning in the workplace.