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The Performance Management Software That Boosts Workforce Productivity

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Unlock new levels of performance

Harness the power of continuous performance management to boost workplace productivity in your new world of work.

Set your own course and tailor performance management practices to suit your unique environment.

Totara Perform is the agile performance management system that will empower you to:

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    Increase engagement

    by aligning employees with company goals

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    Enhance workforce productivity

    with regular check-ins, continuous feedback and employee performance reviews

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    Adapt your performance management process

    around your organization

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Tailor performance management around your unique workflows

Monitor the performance and development needs of your people, your way, and take actions that bring you closer to achieving corporate goals.

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Align employees to boost performance

Increase productivity using flexible, and frequent performance check-ins with managers and mentors.

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Identify skill gaps to strengthen your organization

Accurately track skills and development to upskill your workforce and build a competitive, agile organization.

All the performance management tools you need for a highly productive workforce

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    Adapt to the way your organization works

    From traditional to agile performance management, support workflows, practices and strategies that suit your unique needs. Our employee performance management software doesn't shoehorn your organization's approach.

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    Manage performance with minimal interruption

    Streamline the performance management process by integrating with Human Capital Management (HCM) products such as payroll, recruiting, talent management and more.

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    Unlock purposeful employee performance reviews

    Powerful graphical reporting identifies high/low performers and creates action-oriented, meaningful interactions between managers and employees.

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    Align managers and staff with flexible appraisal processes

    Synergize managers and staff with organizational goals by improving or introducing new appraisal processes with ease.

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    Create custom solutions for your organization

    Build custom solutions in Totara Perform yourself or with a Totara Partner

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    Execute objective appraisals with 360-degree feedback

    Objectively gauge strengths, weaknesses and opportunities by balancing self-evaluation with input from peers, team members, supervisors and more.

Your all-in-one productivity suite, just a few clicks away

Combine Totara Perform with Totara Learn and Totara Engage to benefit from an integrated Talent Experience Platform that delivers peak performance anytime, anywhere - in your new world of work.

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Schedule Your Personalized Demo

Meet with our team to discover why organizations like Indeed, JetBlue and Samsung choose Totara Learn.

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    Perform at your best

    With adaptability and productivity at its core, Totara Perform is a performance management system that frees you from rigid processes and empowers your organization to encompass the full spectrum of performance management practices.

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    Develop a high performance culture

    Create evidence-based performance reviews, assess employee performance and quickly identify and close skills gaps to ensure your organization remains competitive. For a quick, high-level overview of what Totara Perform can do, take a look at this functionality overview.