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What's new in Totara 14

Totara 14: Introducing centralized notifications, web conferencing integration and key enhancements to Totara Perform

Totara 14 enhances the Totara Talent Experience Platform with the following advancements: 

screen showing centralized notifications settings


Totara 14 includes a new centralized framework for the creation, editing and management of all system-generated notifications:

  • Notifications are grouped and configured using an event trigger and include improved placeholder and multi-language interfaces
  • System and tenant-level branding, meaning you can add organization or team branding to outgoing messages
  • Users have a new user-friendly interface for setting their notification preferences, so they can easily choose how they receive different messages

The new notifications system has been implemented across programs and certifications as a first phase of work, with the remainder of notifications due for release within v15 (scheduled for Q4 October 2021).


Competencies screen

Totara Perform has seen a range of updates across the competency management functionality within Totara 14: 

  • New reporting options including a new competency rating report, allowing you to search across a group of users holding a certain level of competency for a particular skill, area of knowledge or behavior
  • Administrators automatically receive a warning of any invalid learning and development paths for achieving competencies, preventing learners from being accidentally blocked from completing or obtaining a particular competency
  • New proficiency requirements based on competency assignments, including customized proficiency requirement levels tailored to individual learning and performance needs

For more information about this latest release, check out the V14 info sheet, new help documentation release notes and our "What's New In Totara 14" blog post. 


Create new Audience settings

Building on our initial release of enhanced multitenancy in Totara 13, we've added the ability for administrators to set custom default images for courses, programs, certifications, resources and workspaces per tenant - further personalizing the user experience.

In addition, tenant admins can now create set and dynamic audiences within their tenant group, allowing them to quickly assign access to Totara Engage workspaces and bulk enroll users into courses, programs and certifications.


Alongside the competency updates, Totara Perform now features several new question types for appraisal, feedback and check-in performance activities. 
  • Calculate and display averages, maximums, medians and minimums of scale values given by performance activity participants via the aggregation option
  • A new content review element within performance activities allows you to display, comment on and optionally provide a rating across an assigned competency
  • Competency records are displayed as a snapshot in time, allowing you to easily track professional development and growth across your team, and use performance activities to capture important discussions and decisions between participants


Extending support for remote learning, Totara Learn 14's seminar tool comes with improved integration with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

You can now connect your Totara site to your Microsoft Teams and/or Zoom accounts to automatically create corresponding virtual spaces for your seminar events and streamline online event creation.

New APIs also support the integration of other web conferencing tools. This enables our partner network to build connections to your preferred web conferencing tool with your Totara 14 site.


    Following the recent overhaul of the reporting functionality, we’ve implemented a number of additional updates across Totara 14.

    This includes adding a direct link to assignment submissions within the assignment report source, in order to streamline submission reviews and grading.

    We’ve also added current enrollment information to the course membership report, enabling course managers to easily identify past and current learners and offer them tailored support and follow-up activities.

    Totara 14 also sees an update to the scheduled reports functionality, preventing blank attachments from being sent to report subscribers.


Totara 14 features a number of improvements and refinements to the machine learning-based recommendations engine within Totara Engage.

One such addition is the inclusion of user profile information in generating recommendations. This helps generate more relevant and personalized resource, workspace and course recommendations. 

For more information about this latest release, check out the V14 info sheet, new help documentation release notes and our "What's New In Totara 14" blog post. 

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