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Learning Analytics

Zoola Analytics

Simplify Complex Analytics with Zoola

Zoola Analytics is a cloud-based reporting and analytics solution that provides users with complete, secure access to raw data, and the ability to create stunning reports and embedded dashboards with the click of a button - to prove the impact or ROI of learning.

Zoola Analytics Dashboard

Drag-and-drop designer

Zoola Analytics has a modern drag-and-drop report designer that enables users to quickly create reports and dashboards.

Once the templates completed, users can automate the delivery by embedding the reports or using the scheduler to automate the delivery to your stakeholders. Recurring reporting activities that used to take hours a week are now completely automated.

Zoola Analytics Engagement Dashboard

Analyse data

Measuring course engagement is critical to understanding how learners learn and what components are effective.

With a few clicks, users can quickly analyze course data and understand where learners are spending their time, what resources are (and are not) being used. This is the first step in the journey to effective courses and maximizing Learner outcomes.

Zoola Analytics Instructor Dashboard

Zoola Analytics for Totara Learn

Zoola Analytics is offered on a subscription basis.  When a subscription is confirmed, users go through a self-activation process to have Zoola Analytics connected to their Totara Learn instance.

Zoola Analytics is compatible with Totara Learn version 2.9 and up.

Prove the impact of your online learning with Zoola

Create data reports with your Totara Learn data with the click of a button.