Deliver a tailored learning experience.

Adaptive learning presents individuals with a personalized journey through their learning and the freedom to choose how they interact with their programs, courses and learning items.

Learners can select the most relevant learning path for them, or different paths can be made available to them based on a range of criteria including course performance, job assignment and completion of other learning items.

By adapting to the specific needs of each learner, Totara Learn can guide users to relevant and timely training materials, and help support their ongoing engagement in development activities.

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Each activity and resource within Totara Learn can have set completion requirements - from a learner marking themselves as having completed an item, to automated tracking based on criteria specific to the activity or resource type.

Courses can also have specific completion requirements and offer both automated and manual criteria, or a combination of the two. This flexibility supports advanced course completion requirements and sign-off workflows for learners, trainers and staff managers.

The course completion block can be added to any course page and used to display a personalized summary of a user’s completion requirements, allowing learners to see at a glance, what they have achieved so far and what is left for them to complete.


Courses within Totara Learn can be configured to deliver prescribed and controlled learner access to content, as well as fully adaptive paths - with different activities and resources being available to different learners based on their compliance to a range of criteria.

These criteria include current course grade range, previous activity completion, user profile information, preferred language, audience membership, position, organization or a combination of these restrictions.

Leveraging these access restrictions, course designers and managers can create courses that adapt to learners’ interests, previous knowledge, ability, or even their level of engagement in the course material.

For each activity, course managers can choose whether access restrictions are visible to learners or whether the learning item is completely invisible to users until the specified conditions have been met.

Adaptive learning lms


Totara Learn also supports longer prescribed or adaptive learning paths via the programs and certifications functionality. Programs and certificates are arranged in course sets, allowing administrators to specify whether learners must complete one, all, or a specified number of courses in each group.

And, or, and then conditions can then be applied between sets to guide learners through simple or more complex collections of related courses. This makes the programs tool perfect for managing learning paths such as induction or management training programs where different learners may have different learning needs based on their roles and responsibilities.

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