Regardless of how new or advanced your performance management process may be, Totara Perform’s agile nature allows you to set your own course and tailor practices to suit your work culture and context.

Employee performance management dashboard on tablet

Adapt employee performance management software around your people 

Unlike other employee performance management systems on the market, Totara Perform doesn’t force you to adopt a specific workflow, style or way of doing things.

With a central place to track employee feedback, monitor progress and assess competencies, you can easily introduce frequent check-ins, establish critical goals, connect learning & development to performance management, and much more.

employee performance management system goal example

Align employee development & organizational goals

Map skills to people, and then map competencies to various forms of achievement, including courses, other competencies and even learning plans (featured in our learning management system, Totara Learn) to identify and close skill gaps across the entire  workforce. 

Unite employee learning & development plans with organizational objectives using customizable performance activities (such as check-ins and appraisals), competency management and skills gap reporting features. 

performance management competency reporting in Totara Perform

Measure & improve performance with comprehensive reports

Powerful graphical reporting identifies high/low performers and creates action-oriented, meaningful conversations between managers and employees.

The 360-degree feedback tool also allows you to objectively gauge strengths, weaknesses and opportunities by balancing self-evaluation with input from peers, team members, supervisors and more.


Experience Totara Perform today

Enable your employees to learn new skills, keep up with compliance, and respond to the challenges of tomorrow with Totara's adaptable platform.