Deliver training across your network with powerful extended enterprise LMS features

Extending training and development beyond internal staff, to include partners and customers can improve customer service and engagement by increasing the awareness and knowledge of your products and services.

By creating a shared, collaborative learning space, your organization can help build and maintain successful, ongoing relationships between external and operations staff.



Whether you use the audiences tool or the advanced multitenancy functionality to manage your learners, you can accommodate any number of organizations, tenants or learner types across your Totara Learn site.

Audiences allow extended enterprise platform administrators to automate learner membership to groups via any number of predefined rules, including positional and organizational hierarchies.

A multitenanted site can be configured as a shared or separate learning environment for your various groups, and can provide selected tenants a custom look and feel as well as autonomy over their learners and training content with advanced user and course administration permissions.

extended enterprise lms


Within an extended enterprise learning model, effectively supporting the unique learning requirements of your different users is key to a successful implementation.

Audiences and tenants can be provided exclusive visibility to specific learning pathways and delivered a customized view of the learning catalog - ensuring every user can be guided to the most relevant learning items.

Totara Learn can also automatically create and assign prepopulated learning plans, providing each learner group easy access to the most relevant competencies and related courses.

For those learners on-the-go or working from remote locations, the Totara app provides offline access to learning directly from mobile devices.

extended enterprise lms


As well as supporting the different training and development needs of your user groups, Totara Learn can deliver a learning experience tailored to each audience.

Totara Learn offers a range of authentication methods to support different account creation and log-in options for external and internal users. From self-registration to Single Sign-On, you can provide each user group simple and secure access to their learning.

Audience and tenant members can also be assigned access to branded login pages, personalized dashboards, default images and provided specific site navigation items, allowing you to create a fully customized and exclusive experience for every type of learner.

Custom and embedded reports can be configured to automatically filter and restrict the information displayed, based on an individual’s position, organization, reporting lines or audience membership, allowing a single report to offer a customized experience for each viewer.

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