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Building gamification into your online and blended learning programs has been shown to improve employee motivation, engagement and performance. By offering challenges and rewards, competition and recognition, users are more likely to explore their course content and enjoy their learning journey.

Gamification LMS


Totara Learn can track and report on access and completion of all activities and resources within a course, directing learners to complete those items most important for their learning and development, and to help you design courses that show the right content at the right time.

With a range of access and visibility conditions for activities and resources, course managers can show or hide particular learning items from different groups of users, such as learners with a certain course grade, individuals with a particular position or organization, or those learners who have completed (or not completed) other learning activities.

The various conditions of access available can be combined and designed in a way to create an adaptive, gamified learner journey, with hidden activities and rewards distributed through a course.

LMS with gamification features


Digital awards like badges provide recognition for the time and effort an individual has put into their learning and acknowledges the achievements and excellence demonstrated during this journey.

Badges can also be used to add an element of gamification to Totara Learn courses by awarding learners for completing activities, exploring course resources and undertaking various challenges.

Learners can display their earned badges externally across social media or within Totara Learn via their dashboards, profile and course pages and can compete with their peers to collect a full set across each course.

Individuals can also be encouraged to complete more difficult assignments or achieve a certain grade across a course with the use of certificates. Totara Learn can automatically generate personalised, custom-designed certificates with your organization’s colours, logo, watermarks and signature images.

What does gamification look like an LMS


Tapping into the competitive spirit of your learners can be a good way to use gamification to increase employee engagement and motivate learners to achieve the best results.

An activity results block can be added to a course and set to display the highest (or lowest) grade or scale results of activities such as SCORMbased e-learning, quizzes and assignments. These leaderboards can show the results of individuals within the course - either by name, ID number or anonymously.

The activity results block can also display the scores of group-based activities such as seminars, workshops and wikis, and bring together learners to build competitive teams, who work together to sit at the top of the leaderboard.

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