Totara Learn is the open-source LMS trusted by Amazon, the USDA and Samsung to scale employee training around unique needs.

Renowned for its strong support network, rich in-built functionality and flexible integrations (including “switch-on” integrations with the Totara Talent Experience Platform, an all-in-one LMS, LXP and performance management system), the open-source LMS offers unmatched adaptability and innovation at scale.

Josh Bersin reviews Totara Learn's open-source enterprise LMS
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Open-Source LMS: Adapt to any need

Adaptability at scale and the ability to evolve with ease is a key strength of Totara Learn.

Its flexible architecture provides an out-of-the-box configuration that is quick to deploy, easy to maintain and secure while also being ready for deep customization in the future.

This strong core functionality and change-ready agility are why brands like Red Hat, Amazon and Deloitte (as well as Totara's global partner network) trust our open-source LMS over proprietary learning platforms.

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Flexible LMS tenancy

Flexible LMS integrations for next-gen configurability

With access to copious APIs and plugins that form an integrated technology suite, Totara Learn ships with a deep range of in-built functionality that focuses on managing multiple audiences, reporting, employee engagement and performance.

Example APIs that are currently supported by Totara Learn include; LDAP, OAuth2, Google, Microsoft, MS Teams, Zoom, GO1 and more.

Totara Learn also integrates with your company’s existing applications, like Human Resource Management systems (HRM) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

The HR Import tool, for example, enables organizations to sync an existing user base with their new Totara instance. This means data related to people, positions and your organization can be automatically updated and transferred to Totara Learn.

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Enjoy a strong support network

Choosing Totara gives you access to a solid support system and a substantial network of partners worldwide.

Once selected, a Totara Partner will provide a range of expertise and support—this encompasses implementation, hosting, consulting, training, integration, sandpit staging environments and more—to tailor your learning management system to your unique needs.

Totara’s partners are well-supported

  • If a partner has a code issue or bug to report, Totara will resolve any technical issues in the core code and prioritize issues coming through partners

  • A dedicated R&D and developer team resolves issues and collects feedback to shape the product roadmap for the future

  • Totara partners receive dedicated support via the Totara Community, Academy, marketing support and even co-branded resources

End-users can access detailed documentation and tutorials 

  • The Totara Community: Signing up to the Totara Community connects you to other L&D, admin and HR experts in your industry. It also grants you access to the Totara Academy

  • The Totara Academy: The award-winning Totara Academy provides free in-depth training and webinars on Totara products and the best current practices in learning, HR and performance management. You also get to test Totara's features in a live environment

  • Totara Help Site: Documentation and tutorials with step-by-step instructions that cover every version of Totara Learn

Experience Totara Today

Enable your employees to learn new skills, keep up with compliance, and respond to the challenges of tomorrow with Totara's open-source LMS and Talent Experience Platform.