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LMS reporting is a key feature of Totara Learn with a powerful, flexible, custom report builder. Totara Learn ensures you have a complete picture of usage, progress and achievement across your organization.

Customized landing pages can be allocated to different types of users to ensure they have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information.

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Using the custom report builder, administrators can quickly and easily create new reports from scratch or modify pre-set report templates to their specific reporting requirements.

With a range of graphical reporting options including column, pie, area, scatter, line, progress donut, donut and horizontal bar displays, reports are accessible and appealing to a range of audiences.

Content displayed within a report can be automatically filtered by the viewer’s position, organization, reporting lines or audience memberships. This means a single report reveals tailored information relevant to each stakeholder.

The LMS report builder also provides customized search filters to let users drill down into data and allows viewers to export reports to a variety of formats including .csv, .xls and .pdf.

Access to LMS reports can be assigned to specific user roles within the system, or automatically sent to nominated individuals or groups on a set schedule to ensure the right people see the right information, at the right time.

LMS analytics dashboard


Users within the system who have been granted access to any custom reports will see a dedicated reports area in the main navigation menu.

This provides streamlined access to all reports from a central location. Search queries within reports can also be saved for easy and repeated access to relevant information.

Dedicated reporting dashboards can also be created and shared with specific users so they can easily access vital information and review relevant statistics.

LMS analytics dashboard


Totara Learn also features a range of built-in in-course reports to help trainers proactively track learner activity and progress.

Course and activity completion reports show which learners have completed the various activities and resources within the course, as well as the course itself, allowing course managers and facilitators to identify and support learners who might be falling behind.

Activity and course participation reports indicate how learners are interacting with the course material and provides important information around user navigation and activity trends.

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